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...Woah. They raised the allowed voice posts from 15 to 20. No one told me that. C_C (I just went to glance at my Voice Post allowances and saw that I still had a bunch left. Huh.)

I didn't make a post last night cause I had a headache and got sleepy, but there was a funny story involving cat poo. ...only it wasn't funny. Anyway... My sister's house has power again, so they're likely going to move back in. Yay.

...Only not as yay, cause until cable comes back I'm gonna be terminally bored in the evening hours. Good thing I have plans Thursday (Star Wars game), Friday (anime club) and Saturday (tabletop). And I have a night class tonight. So I won't be terminally bored until Sunday. That gives them until Sunday to get my cable back up. Get the lead out of your pants, cable company! I want my net.

Erg, Ugh.

I will not be making a phone post tonight. I've used up 11 of my 15 posts already. When I manage to trascribe some of them, I'll post that instead of the phone posts, in case this goes on longer than necessary. At least either way I can prep a post in Notepad now and post on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays until this clears up and I get my precious cable back. I'd get a dialup, but I don't have a modem or a phoneline in my room. And I know from past experience that even if I moved my computer into a common area of the house, I won't be able to do anything anyway... So... screwed. Until cable lines are repaired.
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