I got bunnies. I am now the proud owner of the two most cutest bunnies in the whole world.

Meet... Shadow and Subaru.

Subaru seduced me with her active cuteness, and then I wanted a boy companion for her. I had originally wanted a black bunny, so we looked at what we had and found Shadow, an adorable black male.


Only two pictures posted right now, but there will likely be more in the near future.
'you freak'

Fandom moment

Wow. It's been a while since I last posted. And the reason behind this post is kinda silly and fandom oriented to boot. And sadly a fandom I'm not sure many people follow anymore. Pity. XD

Anyway... Buffy. If you hadn't heard already Joss Whedon is writing "Season 8" comic book series. Do not click the following clicky thing if you don't want minor spoilage on a certain interesting factoid that popped up that I wonder if people have caught yet. Maybe I should troll a fandom community and see if I'm the only one...

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Of course this Buffy/Angel (the series, not the pairing) moment reminds me of something else... I really need to catch bastardized and tenshiko sometime. I miss them. D:

Time for my silly at school post...

I'm in the computer lab and really really wondering something...

why do I always sit next to the person who's been drinking? Either I have a really sensetive nose (possible) or the person who was sitting next to me had just gotten off of a bender. It's 11:30am! Way too early to be getting drunk.

That, or he had beer-aroma after-shave.

And the reason I said 'always'? ...This particular thing tends to happen to me a lot. Often in classes. Sometimes just walking down the hall. Occassionally in an elevator. And usually not after noon, either. Lay off the beer with breakfast, kids!
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And on a side note... My Star Wars geek is happy.

www.darthwho.com is open for voting for the newest Darth title for the newest Sith Lord.

I voted for Darth Paxis. Oh, you disturbed young man.

Warning, spoilers. But nothing that isn't made painfully obvious already in most Legacy of the Force press releases (including this very contest).

Okay... right...

I totally meant to post and say I got cable back. Really I did. But I kinda got caught up with having cable back and forgot to do so. Uh... heehee. Well. Most people who read this know I'm back by now. I still didn't get around to transcribing my voice posts. Oh well. It isn't like it matters much now! They were mostly just me rambling about how I didn't have power (then later how I didn't have cable).

Classes are kicking my ass already, mainly cause all three of my classes saw fit to assign a multitude of reading. Ouch-ness.

Speaking of reading, I should probably get to some of it... I still have an article to read for my 1pm class. And a crap load to read for my 6pm evening class. Though I doubt I'll get around to reading those. Mainly because... I'm tired and want a nap. And even if I didn't nap, I'd probably still not do my readings cause I promised someone on TIG I would attempt to RP either this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon. At this time, tomorrow looks more likely. ...sleepy. I didn't get much sleep last night.

Monday update.

Still no power, but I <3 my flashdrive. I just installed SimpleMU on it so I could use my SimpleMU from campus. It makes me very happy. I also downloaded a couple things to it (FAQs from GameFAQs mainly, for Tales of the Abyss and Harvest Moon DS so I can figure out what I'm supposed to do in some places). I still have no cable at home, but we're supposedly on the list to get back up. ...eventually.

Not only am I super behind on RP, I also still have to download a couple TV shows and catch up there. ._.; Stupid cable going out.

Anyway. I miss you guys and hope to be back amongst the land of the online soon.

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Was finally able to get on Yearbook and inform the masses of my situation. Tsktsk to all my flist who didn't read/listen and thus missed my announcement until now. Tsktsk! XD

Anyway. Sister and her husband have moved back out. I miss the bunnies. Tonight is anime night again (which marks the two week anniversary of loss of power/cable). Cable still out. Power still on. Want my cable back desperately.

Will post with any further updates, but for now... that's the gist.