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9am update

I diid eventually get to sleep. We're talking 5am here, peeps. But I guess this just means I'll get some really good sleep tonight. I hope. ^^

Anyway, it's an hour before I leave. I got some uber-last minute things to pack, stuff I thought about during my /6 and a half hours of laying in my bed with nothing to do/. Going to shut down computer in about an hour. Or ealier. It's starting to act like it's gonna die. Arg. Just hopping it holds on til I'm finished with the last of the coping. (Realized I forgot something, don't have time to burn the extra copy, so I'm putting the files on my harddrive and taking the masters.)

Anyway, since only those of you who are going to AN will be seeing much of me for the next couple days... stay well! Be good or bad, whichever fits your moral character. ^^ I'll be back on Monday! ^_^

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