TC (thunderchild) wrote,


I can't believe no one wanted to take me up on the FTP offer. Hrmpt! This is the last time I plan a surprise for you guys.

I'll leave it on tonight, even if /one/ person has the login/password. -_-

Maybe you guys just didn't understand what all you could get from my FTP site. All of my Anime Music Videos in AVI format (well, most at least). All of my scantranslated manga (most zipped up for easy download). And we're talking 3gigs worth of manga here people! and all of my anime. Most of my anime isn't on my harddrive, which is why I asked people for requests of what they wanted, but since NO ONE asked... no one gets! Well, until they ask. -_-

And just so you have a better idea of the VAST amounts of anime you can ask for... take a look at this:

Now, I'm going to bed. I'll answer chirikoboshi's question in the morning when I have regained my consious thought processes.

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