TC (thunderchild) wrote,

Manga review and outta here!

Title: Minto na Bokura

Artwork: B+ (Pretty, but not as gorgeous as some out there.)

Story: B (Cute, somewhat original, and very funny. Has one point in the first 10 volumes where I cried.)

Permise: Noel is a 14 year old boy, who's twin sister, Maria, has just recently transfered to a different school because of a first crush. Noel, upset and determined to bring back his beloved twin, will go at any length to follow her. Even when he hears that the only opening in the schools dorms is in the girl's dorm. So he puts on a fuku, a wig, shows off his bishounen face and disguises himself as Maria's tougher, boyish twin sister, Noel.

Favorite thing?: Sasa, hand's down. Sasa is the captian of the boy's basket ball team at the Jr. High, and he forms a sort of... friendship with Noel, believing at first that Noel is a girl. Noel is also a really sweet guy, and deserving of admiration, but Sasa takes the cake!

Final word: Highly recommended to people who like cute shojo manga without any supernaturalness going on.


Now, I'm leaving for my sister's graduation. (GO SIS!!) I may be able to post from up there, but since I'll only be up there for a day, I probably won't. I'll be back on Saturday evening. And when I am, I have a little surprise for all my friends. ^.^

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