TC (thunderchild) wrote,

Today... was weird.

1) I logged on after my final to find a response to my Penis Pill amusement, but it wasn't about the amusement at all, it was about something better! A Cho/Draco fan who stumbled onto my nigh ignored webpage! *blush* (Hi fan, if you're reading this! ^___^) amiboshi!!! We have non-Mahou fans!! I so happy! ^_^

2) Got permission from the mom to buy the items over ebay that I was drooling over last night, with the condition that I get everything moved into my room before we leave for sister's graduation on Friday.

3) My cousin stopped by. Hikaru no Go has a new recruit. Episode 6 and he's HOOKED! There's NO going back! He said that this was the first anime series that ever hooked him on episode one! I gave him 27 episodes to take home and watch, along with a CD burned with the manga. Wohoo! Now, let's see if the folks at AN will be as easy to convert. >D

4) Got ahold of the guys who were sending me Hunter x Hunter. Told them I would be offline this weekend and most of next week until June. I wanted the two episodes of Hunter x Hunter I was missing before then, and low and behold! I'm getting them! (Sob stories actually work! Yatta! But it's a true sob story. And I really wanted to have all the episodes before leaving for AN.)

5) Got an email from the ex. And my reply was about a page long. He asked good questions (what anime am I watching, ect c_c) I rambled.

Now, it's only 5pm. Is more cool stuff gonna happen? Oh yeah! Buffy! (Oh wait, better grab the tissues for that...)

Oh! The Money Order is in the mail, amiboshi.

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