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Tomorrow's the day. My math final. The one final I'm actually worried about. Honestly though, I only need to make one point on it (quite literally) to pass the class, but I'd kind of like to get a B or an A. I need at 83% to get an A. I think I can do it, so... we'll see. ^^

Anyway, for some reason I feel really ill. I was going to study more before bed, but... BLARG. I feel yucky, so I'm gonna pass out. I'm getting woken up at 9am, and my final isn't til 1:30, so I'll have plenty of time to study tomorrow. z_z; Ja!

Btw, tenshiko, I'm already halfway through Angelic Layer, and if I didn't have a test tomorrow, I'd likely finish it tonight. ^_^; You were right, it's very cute.

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