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Well, I'm going to cancel all possibilities of getting the Hikago portraits. There's more important things out there that need handleing. Like my trip to AN. I'm going to talk to my mom in the morning and try to get something worked out. If I have to pay for amiboshi's share of the room, then I will. We'll get something worked out. I honestly don't even want to go if she isn't going to be there, and my plane ticket is bought already with no refund, and I have a lot of emotional stuff invested in this trip already...

Heather, just tell me what you need to do to get there and if nothing else, I'll see if I can pay for the hotel room you reserved in full and we can share it like we had originally planned. It means I won't have any spending money besides food and emergancy, but I didn't want to buy anything at the concention anyway. I want to go to it to be able to discuss anime with people face to face and enjoy it. I also want to travel alone for the first time in my life. This is supposed to be a good experience for me. I don't want it to be ruined. If paying for the room (and jepordizing my spending fund) will help you get to AN, Heather, just say so and I'll talk to my mom about it. I really want to go, but I honestly don't want to if you won't be there...

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