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Wai! Wai!

I'm getting the Hikaru no Go Art Book! I'm getting the Hikaru no Go Art Book!! *___* So happy, so happy. *_* Hikaru~~~~ Let's play Go! *_* And I uploaded the layout for my Hikaru no Go @ Free MUCK yesterday. It's here:

I still need to find decent webspace though so I can get a better page that isn't on geosuck. (No offense to people who actually like it.)

Anyway, got test scores back in Math. I got an 89% again. With the scores from all my tests combined, as well as my homework, I need 86% on the Final to maintain an A in the class. Supposedly, it's very difficult for people to get over a 75% on the final, but... we'll see. I'd like to get an A in the class if I can. Though I don't like the way the dummy math course is entirely geared towards making a C. It's like they think everyone who takes the class will pass by the skin of their teeth. It's a little annoying. (Of course, based on the students in my class, I see why they have that assumption.)

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