TC (thunderchild) wrote,

Just so people know....

There's a reason I'm not RPing and spending all of my freetime watching anime right now. The set up for my computer is so uncomfortable for typing that I can barely stand to type even this. There is no room for my keyboard so it either has to sit off to the side on an open desk drawer (not fun) or in my lap (even less fun). I like my keyboard on my desk, but there's no room. Also, my mouse is on the left side of my monitor and I am not left handed, so naturally, I don't like it very much. So instead I've been taking advantage of the fact that the monitor is so close to my sister's bed and am watching the many series that I have yet to complete. Right now I am watching Inuyasha. It's been half a year since I've seen the first 20 or so episodes I'm watching it from the beginning.

Just letting people know that I'm not shirking off because I feel like it. I really do want to RP, this set up is just so uncomfortable right now. x_x;

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