TC (thunderchild) wrote,

Okay... Scryed, The End.

Just finished watching all of Scryed. If I cried during Pretear, there was one part of Scryed that made be cry so hard I couldn't breathe and had to go to the restroom to pour water on my face before I could go on. The end though... It isn't exactly what I was expecting, but it was neat. It was weird though. It really had two endings. If I hadn't know there were 26 episodes, episode 24 would have been a suitable end. But I'm glad we got 25 and 26 even if they weren't really needed. We got to find out a lot of the mysteries that hung in the air for twenty episodes. What Sherise's Alter really did, what the relationship between Cougar and Kazuma was, ect, ect. I must say though, I liked Ryuhou's Final Alter a hell of a lot better than Kazuma's. And Ryuhou looks really good with long hair.

Anyway... Another series finished. Sorry I haven't been able to set you up with the eps yet, gestahr.

You might want to see if you can get set up for here:

That's where I got all the episodes.

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