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TC's Survey

Decided to fill out one of the surveys that Amiboshi responded to.

1. Name: Pamela
2. Middle Name: Sue
3. Last: Eaton
4. Nicknames: Pam, Sakti, Neel, Pig-dropping (my mom's nickname).
5. Brothers: Step-brother. Greg.
6. Sisters: Melissa and step-sis who's name I can not remember (shows how close we are)
7. Born in: Springfield, Missouri - St. John's Hospital
8. Birthday: September 12th 3:51am
9. Age: 20
10. Pets: No
11. Sports You Play: Sports are for working of sexual tension (think of it, you get all hot and sweaty!) and I don't need to work mine off like that.
12. Hair Colour: Reddish-Brown.
13. Eye Colour: Chocolate brown with red tinges.
14. Skin Colour: Pale with freckles. x.x
15. Height: .... Can I lie? ... No? *sigh* 5'0" (Liar) Okay... 4'11 & 3/4ths"
16. Shoe size: 5-6.


17. Colour: Green.
18. Food: Pizza rolls? I dunno.
19. Animal: Squirrels or Foxes.
20. Drink: Dr. Pepper
21. T.V. Show: Buffy, Angel, Roswell and Farscape!
22. Radio Station: I don't listen to the radio.
23. Music: Variety of tastes.
24. Band: Lifehouse
25. Song: Currently? Come What May, Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman from Moulin Rouge. So fucking beautiful. *_*
26. Candy: Anything strawberry or grape flavored.
27. Number: 27
28. Day: Wednesday
29. Month: September
30. Holiday: April Fool's
31. School Subject: History
32. Friend: Becca, Liz and Mandy? ^_^
33. Sport: Hockey.
34. Sports Team: Vancouver Canucks.
35. Car: I hate cars.
36. City: Peculiar, Missouri. Where the "odds" are with you. (That is a quote from the actual welcome sign)
37. State: Duh. Missouri.
38. Saying: The greatest thing you'll ever know is just to love, and be loved in return. *_*
39. Quote: "I didn't do it."
40. Expression: The expression that comes with the above saying.
41. Actor/Actress: Ewan McGregor, Jude Law, Peter Wingfield, Christian Kane and James Marsters.
42. Things to do When Bored: Listen to the same song over and over again and sing along.
43. Movie: Right now? Moulin Rouge.
44. Name for Boy: Christian (No! Really!)
45. Name for Girl: Raksha.
46. Jewelry: Pendants.
47. Amusement Park: Silver Dollar City. Okay, it's really a theme park, but big deal.
48. Roller Coaster: The Wild Fire.
49. Fruit: Strawberry.
50. Veggie: None.
51. Hair Length: Shoulder or less.
52. Snack Food: Chex Mix.
53. Comp Game: Snowball Fight.
54. Video Game: Soul Blade and Soul Calibur.
55. Board Game: Jinga
56. Card game: 5-card stud.
57. C.D.: Right now? One wild guess.
58. Cartoon Character: Too many to list, damnit.

This or That;

59. Truth or Dare: Dare
60. Night or Day: Day
61. Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal Raisin Cookies: Chocolate Chip.
62. Ocean or Pool: Pool.
63. Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate.
64. Cats or Dogs: Cats.
65. Love or Lust: Love.
66. Pancakes or French Toast: French Toast.
67. Bitter or Sweet: Sweet.
68. Silver or Gold: Gold.
69. Smoker or non: Non.
70. Diamond or Pearl: Diamond.
71. Croutons or Bacon Bits: Bacon bits.
72. Complex or Simple: Complex.
73. Armageddon or Independence Day: Armageddon
74. Batman or Superman: Batman.
75. Coke or Pepsi: Coke.
76. Sunset or Sunrise: Sunset.
77. Sun or Moon: Moon.
78. Crushed or Cubed: Cubed.
79. Showers or Baths: Bath.
80. Ketchup or Mustard: Mustard.

Do You Like;

81. Girls: Yes.
82. Boys: Definately.
83. Cats: Yup.
84. Dogs: Yup.
85. Elephants: Only Elephant buildings that have Ewan McGregor singing on top of them.
86. Monkeys: It's my Chinese Zodiac.
87. Volleyball: No.
88. Basketball: To watch, sure. Play, no..
89. Softball: No.
90. Baseball: No.
91. Golf: No.
92. Soccer: No.
93. Hockey: Yes.
94. Tennis: No.
95. Lacrosse: No.
96. Boxing: No.
97. Rugby: No.
98. Kissing: Depends on the person.
99. Holding hands: Woo. Touchy feely!
100. Going to the movies: Hell yes!
101. Going cyber-bowling: Huh?
102. Going to the mall: Shopping is evil. Except for CDs or anime or something fun.
103. Going putt-putt: Uh. No.
104. Reading anything: Reading make my speaking English good.
105. Your Parents: Yes.
106. School: Yes.
107. Math: Depends.
108. Wearing clothes: T-shirts and jeans please.
109. Pepsi: No.
110. Sprite: Sometimes.
111. Dr. Pepper: Hell yes!
112. Any Diet Drinks: Uh... sometimes.
113. Sleeping: When I can, I love it.

Random Questions;

114. Do you ever make fun of someone?: Sometimes.
115. Do you have a crush on someone?: Yes.
116. Who?: Not tellin'.
117. If you don't have a crush, got a g/f or b/f?: No.
118. Do you hate anyone?: Nope.
119. Do you have a best friend?: Depends.
120. Who?: Undeclared.
121. Do you like to talk on the telephone?: No.
122. Do you have your own phone line?: Yes. For the computer.
123. Do you like to dance?: Yes.
124. Are you scared to ask someone out?: Yes.
125. Have you ever gone skinny dippin?: No.
126. Have you ever thought you were gonna die?: Yes.
127. Have you ever been drunk or high?: No and no.
128. Do you sleep with stuffed animals?: On my bed? Sometimes. In my arms? Rarely.
129. Have you ever broken/fractured a bone?: Only my skull and nose.
130. Do you have any piercings?: None. Not even ears.
131. Do you wear braces?: Nope.
132. Do you consider yourself a good listener?: Sometimes.
133. Can you swim?: Love to swim.
134. Do you sing in the shower?: No. I sing in my bedroom.
135. Do you think cheerleading is a sport?: Uh... Decline.
136. Have you ever stolen anything?: Yes.
137. What�s on your ceiling?: A fan and a light?
138. What color is your toothbrush?: Blue.
139. What�s your worst injury ever?: Probably fracturing my skull when I was six.
140. Have you ever been in love?: Yes.
141. Are you a virgin?: Decline.
142. What do you wear to bed?: T-shirt and underwear. Sometimes boxers.
143. What's the best feeling in the world?: Having someone say you helped them.
144. Do you think looks are important?: To an extent. I don't fuss over them, but I don't wanna look like a guttersnipe either.
145. What do you look for in a guy?: A guy who reminds me of me. >.>;

Did You See;

146. Star Wars: Yes.
147. Austin Powers: The first one.
148. South Park: No.
149. Tarzan: Yes.
150. Notting Hill: Yes.
151. Big Daddy: Yes.
152. The Generals Daughter: Yes.
153. The Mummy: Yes.
154. I know what you did last summer: Yes.
155. 10 things I hate about you: Yes
156. Scary Movie: No.
157. X-men:Yes
158. The Perfect Storm: Yes.
159. Hollow man: No.
160. I still know what you did last summer: Yes
161. The Emperor�s New Groove: No.

Ever See;

162. Witches: Depends.
163. Ghosts: Depends.
164. Aliens: Depends.
165. Dead people walking around mumbling to themselves: No.
166. Someone die: Yes.
167. A UFO: No.
168. The inside of your computer: No.
169. Two people doing the nasty: No.
170. Your parents kiss: Yes.

Are you a;

Wuss: Depends.
Class Clown: Sometimes.
Goodie 2 Shoes: Often.
Daydreamer: Always.
Bitch: It happens.
Man whore: Maybe.
Doctor: In a past life maybe.
Psychiatrist: See above.
Athlete: Bleh. NO!
Nerd: Yeah.
Loser: No.
Nice Person: Yes.
Freak: Yes.
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