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Pondering AMV ideas

Hrm.... AMV idea.... Gatekeepers. Using VNV Nation's Kingdom. From the main villian point of view. And making it look like he's going to win even, until the very end of the song.

AMV idea 2. Pretear, to E.S. Posthumus' Nara (which has no singing at all, it's an instrumental).

AMV idea 3 (Had for a while, in the works) Hikaru no Go, to Brian McKnight's Win focused on the rivalry between Hikaru and Akira. The first part of the vid focuses on Akira, the second on Hikaru and the third focuses on both of them.

AMV idea 4, also had for a while. Scryed to Hero from the Spiderman soundtrack.

Hmm. We'll see. I may make them eventually. @_@ For now, booking it to school.

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