TC (thunderchild) wrote,


I was having a bad day so I didn't log on places for very long. x.x Sorry guys. I vegged and watched all of Gate Keepers. Very neat little series. Not like Pretear or Hikago or Yami no Matsuei good, but still, cute and harmless with no major emotional heartbreaks (which was a big relief after Pretear @_@)

Downloading chapter 83 of Hikago (*_*) and glareing at Anime Pixel fansubbers. Geez! Already releasing 22 of Scryed! They just realised 21 last night. I still don't even have it yet! Ah well, at least it's better than the 2 month wait between 15 and 16 that we had to suffer though. Only 4 more episodes! Go fansubbers!

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