TC (thunderchild) wrote,


I'm at school. Holy crap. There's only two weeks left and then finals? Wow... That's just SO WEIRD. @_@ Anyway, I'm going to watch Gate Keepers when I get home. I already started it last night (couldn't sleep) and got through the first disc (7 episodes) before I felt I could go to sleep. I like Ukiya-kun. He's much cool. Though I wonder how he's going to react to the fact that the newest Gate Keeper has a pet monkey named Ukiiya. @_@ They've already played on the similarities between the names in episode 7. I wonder how Ruriko and Kaoru are going to react to it.

So far it isn't emotional, so I'm good. After I finish that, I dunno, I'll prolly watch Nadesico. I've almost got all of it downloaded now.

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-.- Everyone on here must read Hikaru no Go if you haven't started already!!! Go! Go! IGO!

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