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Dream 6/26/2001

In this dream I did not feel like another person, but my personality was slightly different. I was very brave and had little reguard for my own safety. And it felt more like a movie then a dream. And to spare friends of my friends, I'm making it a seperate entry.

Anyway, there were six people with me in the dream, I was the seventh. One was a blond guy, kinda Heath Ledger-ish, but not quite. Another was a dark haired guy, really tall. And the last guy was scrawnyish, and looked a lot like an older version of the kid who played Peter's son in Hook. Then there was a pretty black girl, a girl with dark hair and a blond girl. All the people were around 17-23, with the scrawny guy and the blond girl being the youngest. And we seemed to be attending this college of some sort.

Anywho, here's the weird part. We were all mages. And this was, for the most part, a modern world. I was powerful, but really untrained. I couldn't do anything basically. I was just there. The black girl was great with potion-type stuff, the dark haired girl was good with combat spells. The blond guy was good with magical phrases, and the dark haired guy was also good with combat spells. Don't remember what the scrawny guy or the blond girl could do well.

Anyway, this "school" was founded to train us. We were the students, though there were more, us 7 were a group. And the scrawny guy was the newest member, next to me. And he was the son of the leader of this army who /hated/ mages. Now, here's what actually happened in the dream.

The blond guy and me were sorta dating. He gave me a ring with some magical properties. It basically would allow me to contact him telepathically if I needed to without me needing to work at it too hard (I had to work at everything hard in this). The scrawny guy (who I /think/ was named Ray or something that sounds similar) had just vanished, and all of a sudden the remainder of us seven were having bad stuff happen to us. And Ray was trying to mentally contact us saying he needed help. I tried to send a message back, but couldn't. Anyway, five of us (we left out the blond girl for some reason) decided to go after him.

Earlier in the dream, we were given a class and we saw some older mages do a spell. The spell involved spreading this herb of the ground, standing on it, and throwing this other herb down on it while saying this weird word, and it would transform the people on it into blue balls and move us wherever we had requested.

I decided that that was the way to get to Ray and the general guy and stop what was happening. I took over command and basically told everyone what to do, since I couldn't actually /do/ any of the magic stuff myself. While standing on the herbs, one of us asked if we should go after Ray or the general first? I think that confused the magics and when we did the spell (with two of our teachers looking on unknowingly to us) we got seperated. Or more accurately, I got seperated from them. Now here is the weird part.

The place I got transported looked like a giant mountain with a bearhead on it. And despite the fact that the school I was in had computers and technology, this place didn't. It had a bunch of labor workers. I got teleported right into the middle of the army formation practices. I tried to hide, but eventually got caught. I was wearing a white coat, a bag and blue jeans. (And I'm pretty sure a white shirt). I know I had jeans because I took off my ring and tucked it into my backpocket).

They thought I was one of the laborers that tried to escape and stole some supplies in my bag, which they took. There was a leaf or two on my coat (And the nearest trees to this place were pretty far away). My response to that was, "Sir, if I had escaped this... (tried to think of a word)." "Hellhole?" "You said it sir, I didn't, but yes. If I had escaped this hellhole all the way to the forests, do you really think I would come all the way back?" He was kind of dumbfounded and lead me to this place I would be questioned. And lo and behold. It was the general's office. I managed to sneak away and into the back, where I found Ray tied up.

I felt so bad for this poor guy. I tried to untie him and he told me not to. He said his father was going to have him executed as a shapeshifter. He refused to believe that his son was a mage. I started to try to comfort him, but then the General and his old man advisor started to come around. I managed to duck out of sight and listened in to some of what they said to Ray. I watched the General, and I could see that he didn't want to do this. He still loved his son. So I snuck into his office, found a pencil and some paper and wrote: You still love your son, and he is your son, mage or not. He loves you too.

Then I snuck back out and went towards the laborer camp. I threw my coat away and put on one of the laborers red coats that just happened to be around. I wandered into the camp and immediately came upon two women who started to say things that embarassed me. (Basically they were teasing me about being inexperienced in sex) and it turned out being the black girl and the dark haired girl. And the two guys right next to them. My response. "I'm going to kill you later." Then I went around and hugged all of them, and said I'd found Ray.

And then one of the girls says, "Well, I just did too." and Ray stumbled into the area. Somehow I knew immediately that his back had been whipped and I told them not to touch him. I touched him though. I grabbed his shoulders and tried to look into his eyes and tried to tell him that his father still loved him. He wasn't really looking or wanting to listen. I let him go and motioned him into the black haired girl's arms and said, "I'm going to go beat the shit out of his father now." And stormed off. No one tried to stop me either (which is funny, guess I was intimidating).

And that's exactly what I did. I stormed into the man's office, right past his Advisor (who saw me), walked right up to him and punched him as hard as I could in the face. And of course, about the time the Advisor grabbed my arms and pinned them behind my back and the general started to question me (he had a roster of the school with all it's students and pictures of them somehow and he was wanting to find out about each one - me was not talking though) was about the same time I woke up. Geez.

But this was a very cool dream, and I think I may use a varietion of the story in my book. It was just neat. ^^

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