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I was supposed to be asleep /hours/ ago, but sleep failed and Pretear called to me and ACK!!! I've finished thru episode 7. I need to stop. I don't want to! But I need to. ;.; I gotta get some sleep before the old people wake me up with hammering. ;o; MOOOOOUUUUU!!!!!! mokushiroku!!!! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!! ;o; Now I want to play Mannen somewhere!!! *WHINE*

I should have uploaded an icon of Sai whining. That would so fit me right now. For now Hikaru in pissed mode ought to do!

Oh, and until I got all of Pretear 3 downloaded I got 29 of amurderofcrows's big freaking pile of CDs burned. There should be 46 total. @_@

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