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Another Victory for Potter!

Wohoo!! Harry Potter racks up another victory!

For the last three months, all of the Harry Potter books have been pulled from the shelves of publics schools in my district due to the complaint of a grandmother who said the books taught witchcraft as an orgainized religion. Baka. She claimed she had read the books though and apparently sited sections of it for her 'evidence' so the school board decided to listen to her complaints. But in a unanimous decision by the school board and a panel of teachers and parents, they overruled and put the books back on the shelves. Wohoo! And you know the funny part? Her complaint will likely increase the demand of the books in the schools with students who haven't read them yet. ^^ Teehee.

Burning Update: 4 down, 2 to go. And at least 3 hours til I get Pretear 3, so I'll burn copies of Scryed next.

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