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Mou. calmofthestorm, I don't like your room. ;o; It's noisy and it's big and the fan isn't positioned properly over your bed. I can't feel the air! I had to sleep upside down!! And your sheets are uncomfortable and... and... and I stop complaining now. Needless to say, I barely got any sleep at all between the hotness and the loudness of the fan and the size of the room and the uncomfyness of the covers. x.x I'm gonna get a /lot/ of anime I haven't seen watched the next two weeks, I can tell. And it's fun to watch in your room cause the monitor is so close to your bed so I can lay down, put my mouse on the bed and watch from there and still be able to read the subtitles!

Anyway, I started with rewatching Yami no Matsuei. To be honest, I never finished it the first time thru. ^^ I got to the .rms and stopped watching, but now I'm going to watch it all. Got through episode 3. Going to try to finish the first disc and a few episodes of the second one today.

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