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Well, I am now offically obsessed with Kamui's song from the X OVA soundtrack. @_@ I'm going to use it to make an AMV. And no, not doing this because you asked me to, amiboshi-kun. I want to do it. ^_^; I also have an idea for another vid, but I don't know what series I want to use yet, I just know the song.

Scryed is the most likely one so far, the song fits Kazuma, the only problem is it's got a subrefernce to being about a love and the only person who can fit for Kazuma's "love" is a guy (bestfriend type) or an 8 year old girl... He doesn't really have a female love interest in that way.

Besides Scryed, Gundam Wing or Gundam X would also work for it, but... Don't want to use Gundam.

I want to make an AMV to Hunter x Hunter and another Hikago video too.

This will have to wait until I get settled into my sister's room.

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