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What a day so far, and I'm only 10 hours into it! Here's the run down. I went to sleep at a little past midnight, left my computer downloading. I slept pretty okay, waking up three times (3am, 5am and 7am -- right on the hour, weird huh?) and then I woke up to get ready for school at 8am. Got ready for school. Asked mom if I could use her stapler (since I packed mine by accident), got my math and English paper stapled up. Went to school. Math class, dull as usual, but I actually had some questions, so I asked them and she explained what I had done wrong. We actually turned in the assignment, so I'm glad I stayed up and did it. Missed my shuttle. Again. ;.; So I walked over to Glass. The weirdpart is, I should NOT have gotten a computer. All but one were filled. There were three people who walked in in front of me. They all glanced around, saw the free computer (how could they not, it was right in front of them!) and yet they glanced back at the line and left instead of taking it. Weirdos. So even though I was last in line, I was the one who got the computer!

Gotta get the last of my roomed packed and start moving stuff out tonight. I'll try to be on for a bit though, but remember I don't get out of class til 4. (Though I will be home for an hour and a half from 1 to 2:30.)

I can't wait til this is all over and I'm settled into my sister's room.

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