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Well, good news, I got a 90% on my Math test. My grade is holding steadily at a 89.7% She says she rounds up, so as long as I continue to do about the same and don't do really bad on the final, I should get an A. Yippie. Not that I'm holding my breath, disappointmant can be rampant.

calmofthestorm?? You up yet? If you are, tell mom how I did! ^_^ I also made sure the Playstation was set up for you in case you wanted to play before I get home. ^__^ Aren't I a good sister?

Anyway... Today's rather... I dunno. Lazy. There's this lazy air to everything I've done so far today. o.o; Even the ride over to the school, the traffic felt lazy. Even the 'rush' to the computer lab was lazy, and low and behold I get here and there's like 10 empty computers in the side room alone! O_O; Shocker. So I'm going to really quickly write my Evaluation paper for English 110. Guess what I'm evaluating? She said we could evalutate anything from a book to a movie to a person, so I asked if a webpage counted. I'm evaluating Livejournal! v-v Teehee.

Time to get to work. What's the good, the bad and the ugly! Livejournal is my bitch for two hours! >_< (Ahem, kidding, kidding).

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