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I love Hikaru. ^_^

Pose Set 1 - >

Oh wait, that guy he was in was like over a hundred years ago? So he's never seen a movie? This probably should have occured to Hikaru more quickly, but he's never been known for being the brightest star in the sky. He tries to watch the movie, then lets out a deep sigh and looks over, saying mentally, annoyed, 'Sai... It's not a real explosion. These are just fake images. See? No one else is freaking out.' Weirdo. But, it is kind of amusing, even if he's supposed to still be mad. He gives a slight grin, shaking his head. All the /evil/ things he could do to this poor guy who's never even seen a movie! But, well, right now the most evil thing is the constant fighting, loud noises, explosions and other stuff going on. If he had realized this sooner he would have started with some kind of comedy movie. (Certainly wasn't going to see a romance or nothing *BLEH*)

Well... and you gotta know what KIND of guy Sai was last in ... one who played Go for most of his life... do you think he'd have gone to a movie with that kid? Perhpas not. "Ahhh!" Sai cries out again, covering his head with his arms as he crouches REAL low beside Hikaru and staying close to the floor... like in an earthquake. "You're lying! I can feel the ground shake!" No, Sai, it's YOU who's shaking. "When can we goooooooo?" ;_; Oh, poor guy... but you should be glad the ghost wasn't some kind of warrior back then... he'd be slicing things up... well.. slicing through things but still....

"Sai, you can't even FEEL the floor!" Geez! Hikaru even reaches over and waves his hand through the guy's covered face. Can't even feel his hand, so how is the silly ghost supposed to feel the floor. It might not be worth it, Sai is drawing far more of his attention than the movie screen is. But it's the principle of the thing! He won't give in to this big-headed pest! Especially after he went and broke a kid! Bad Sai! (Though, it's part his own fault, for refusing to play the old people because they were creepy old geezers... -- Nope! All Sai's fault!!) After a few moments he resorts to cruel tactics, "No Go for a /week/." Um, just don't go all depressed and make him throw up, please?

Sai is too busy shaking and being really scared to answer. ;_; He lets out another loud screech when the truck crashes into a huge tank of gas and explodes. ;O; "Eeeeee!!!! We're all gonna die!!" And resumes cowering under his sleeves. Nope, can't feel Hikaru's hand or most of what the boy says.... that is.. MOST. The word 'Go' is attention-catching. "NANI?! A week?! ;_; Hikarrrruuuuuuuuu~~~" Now he's whining, mind completely off the giants in on the screen. "You won't do that... will you....? ;_;"

Pose Set 2 - >

"Yeah, yeah, whatever..." What a stupid thing to live (err, exist) for. It's not that amazing! Though, the way Touya was all serious about it was kind of... Hikaru lets that throught trail off. Go is boring. It takes too long. And besides that Touya-kid, the only people who play it are old! (Or dead!) But since Sai's going to try to stay quiet... "We'll have to get in someplace for free, cause I just spent all my allowance." Those Go salons are expensive!

I can hear you o/~ "It's not boring! And it's not stupid!" Sai says rather suddenly and sternly... in contrast to his previous whimpering and whining. The ghost is up on his feet and pointing an accusing finger at Hikaru. "Go is an art! It's... AHH!!" Be thankful for another sudden explosion that shuts Sai up as he resumes his crouching and trembling position on the floor. ;_; He doesn't even ask about the free places, rather, he has one arm thrown over his head, the other at his lips as he chews on a nail in panic. ".. it's not real.. it's not real...." Then... something rather unexpected happens... Sai is slowly fading into view again ... out ... and then in. Of course, the ghost doesn't know what's happening... it just MIGHT be the strong emotions.

An art!? Hah! A BORING one, maybe! An art for old people who got nothing better to do with their time or money! That's what Hikaru would be yelling right back with his fist shaking threateningly, but, well, the ghost folds up on the floor and cowers from something that has nothing to do with his fist. Bleached blonde bangs fall in front of his eyes as he glances down at the sight of the cowering ghost. Sheesh. What a wimp. Why couldn't he have found a cursed soccerball or something? Then he'd at least have someone /cool/ in his head! >_< Since Sai has always been visible to him, he doesn't notice the fading in at all. Though once he stops cowering, some people might have some odd reactions. He does kick out his feet as if to nudge (or pass through really) the ghost with a threatening "No Gooooooooooo," sent down to him as well. (Hikaru's a meany!)

Pose Set 3 - >

Sai looks one thing. Lost. o.o He sits there motionlessly, fingers still in his ears and his eyes are round dots. ._.; Ghost? Are they talking about me? They can see me? Eh....? This is something new... well, almost. ._.; Hey, being on a crazy TV show would be fun... OOH!! Since people can see him now, maybe he can play Go without asking Hikaru to take him there! This is SO cool! Mwahahaha! ... But.... no. The boy has it in him. Must. Drag. Talent. Out! The ghost finally pulls himself up from the ground and flies towards the torn down exit. Screaming man + fainted woman + a LOT of attention suddenly = NO GOOD. Hey, he may be whiny, but he's not DUMB! "Hikaaaruuuuu!! What's going on?!"

How the heck am I supposed to know!? You think I see many dead people!? At least Hikaru is smart enough /not/ to say his thoughts outloud as he sprints towards the door. He must get out of here before someone finds out his name! Can they hear Sai too?? Aaaaaahhhh!! Not fun. Not fun. Not fun! Let's just get out of the theater and then we can try to figure out what's going on! Maaaan, he doesn't want to be on a TV show! People might call him crazy! @_@ Though, would that make a lot of money? Could he make people /pay/ to talk to Sai? $.$ *_* He could become Sai's agent! 10000 yen a sentance! 50000 if you want Go tips! $_$ Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe! All this runs through his thoughts as he sprints towards the side exit.

"Neeee! ;_; Don't yell at me!" Whines the ghost, "People don't usually seem me either!" ;_; He follows Hikaru, actually caring to move his legs in an obvious running motion, his hands brought up to his cheeks as they clutch the opening of his sleeves as the rest of the long garment tail after him. "Are you out of your mind?!" Sai literally screams into Hikaru's ears once he hears his thoughts. The two run through the doorway and out into the streets. "How can you think of money when we're in the middle of all this?!" And WHY does Hikaru keep trying to make money out of him? ;_; Meanie! Meanie meanie meanie! Though, in his own mind, ideas are flashing too. If people could see him... and IF he gets popular and stuff... maybe he could encourage people to play Go too. He could show them what a beautiful game it is... Oooh... *_*

$_$ Oh, come on, Sai! Don't ruin my delusions of grandure! Imagine how many Go Salons we could get into with all that money! (Hey, gotta use the guy's weakness!) But those thoughts of how to make money off of such a thing vanish as Hikaru starts to weave through the crowds of people outside the movie. Aaaarrrrrgggg! So many people! And Sai's lucky, he can just walk right through them! Hikaru doesn't have that advantage. As one woman bursts into a high pitched squeal (guess she saw Sai), he glances back to make sure that no one is chasing after them (like a manager or something @_@) which of course takes his eyes off of what is in front of him, and brings him into the perfect change to (literally) run into the Touya-kid again.

Pose Set 4 - >

No he won't wake up... well, not right now Maybe in a minute. or an hour.. Come on, all the boy ever saw of life was Go, school and uh.. cars.. yeah. He did see lots of other people, but never did anyone go through a sink! That's a sort of.. first for him. Hikaru's used to it, yeah, but he DID faint the first time he saw Sai, right hikaru? So.. well, Touya's not quite moving yet. And screaming inhis ear won't help either!

Ah... I'm such a shock, ain't I? Of course... who has seen a being as beautiful as me... o/~ Alright, alright, I'm a ghost! C'mon, I don't take off my head and bounce it around, I don't have a 5-feet-long tongue that rolls out and slides across the ground and I look absoutely normal! ._.; Oh, okay, so I didn't go through a sink... Anyhow, Sai just kneels there and shouts commands at Hikaru. "Stop screaming at him! It won't help! That's right, water! Oooh, not like that! Ooooh...." He searches around the bathroom and spots a bucket. "Oi, Hikaru!" as he points his fan at the empty bucket. "Fill that with water and splash him with it! It should work!" Yeah... and then Touya will just get MORE germs on him... who knows what's been in that bucket?!

Yeah, absolutely normal. With /THAT/ hat? Hikaru doesn't think anything back besides that though. Hey, the hat is pretty weird! "You know, it'd really be helpful if you could, you know, touch things now that people can see you." Selfish Hikaru. But it would certainly help things. Then he wouldn't have to play Go for you anymore! But he won't continue on that. He stops yelling and flicking water, standing up again and taking the ghosts advice. Yeah, he passed out the first time he saw Sai too, but considering how Sai's emotions affect him, it was probably a spiritual and emotional shock as well as mental. The bucket is filled with water, and once he stands over Touya again he frowns down at the boy. Dump, or not to dump. DUMP! (Hey, he's got a mean/mischevious streak @_@) The water goes splashing down! Look out below!

Pose Set 5 - >

Letting out a light sigh, Touya runs a had through his wet front locks that cling to his forehead "You're not serious enough.. to even pretend to be a pro" is all he will say to Hikaru as he passes by, on his way to the door. Yes, he is going...

Sai quietly follows until Touya leaves the bathroom and turns towards the cinema exit. There... he shouldn't be coming back.... Once Touya's out, Sai drops to the ground and wipes his brow. Phew. That was close. @_@; He looks at the crowd and finally at Hikaru. ;_; "Can we go hooooome now?" He wants to go HOME.. and not to some Go Salon! O_o Wow.

OUCH! ._. Hikaru is left feeling the bite of that. That hurt! ;_; What's wrong with not acting like he's got a foot long stick up his ass!?!? Huh!?! He doesn't yell any of this, but he really really WANTS to. By the time he would get to the point though, Touya is already well out of ear shot, and Sai is asking to go home. "Yeah..." The fact that he asked for home and not a Go Salon totally blows right over the boy right now. He'll realize it later and be amazed. Right now he's still kinda hurting from that remark.

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