TC (thunderchild) wrote,

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I am not in a good mood.

List of things I need to do.

1) Make tape for my cable project. I need to have it done by 5pm Tuesday. @_@ I�ve been saying I�ve had it done for weeks now. I�m so bad. ._. I'm going to do it tonight.
2) Finish downloading Hikago 22 (my priorities are niiiiiice, aren�t they?) I can sit in queues while I do my cable video.
3) Study for math test on Wednesday. Uh... I can do that Tuesday before meeting my cable group. ~_~
4) Get AMV Introduction made and the MPGs of the two vids I want amiboshi to help me get on VHS made. Must be done before by Wednesday Night. The AMVs have to be postmarked on the 16th. ;o; ~_~ I'm not going to get them in, I just know it.

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