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What A Day!!

Okay. As you know early early early this morning, on zero hours of sleep, I bounced over to FreeMUCK and created Shindou Hikaru from Hikaru no Go (The guy in my icons, people).

Well, I got home from school, decided to shut down my bad computer for a few hours and rest. I dozed off. An hour and a half worth of half sleep. I woke up. Logged on. Low and behold, Touya Akira was on. Yay! So I paged and we talked, set up a place to meet, and we did out first scene together. It was cool, well timed, very fun and non-stressful. When we finished, we sat around and talked OOCly for about 5 hours, waiting to hopefully catch Sai on (Sai's player lives in Hong Kong, timezone difference from hell). We talked about everything. AMVs, shonen-ai, the future of Hikago, and a lot of other things. Eventually I started to send him my AMV for Hikago and I mentioned AN. Surprise surprise. His player is going to AN too! O_O; Not only is he pretty cool, he's fun and nice and going to AN, so I'll have a chance to meet the player eventually.

And my vid was a sucess. ^_^;

And I made poor amiboshi watch the end of X TV. Poor amiboshi-kun. Everyone give her a big big big big big big big sticky hug.

Now, time to pass out. *splat*

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