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Gah! I am SO hyper. @_@

I spent a little while searching around until I finally found FreeMUCK's telnet addy. So I logged in as Hikaru and WAI!! 3 page mails! Sai and Touya seem pretty cool from the mails, so there appears to be hope! And it looks like they're going to play as if this is pretty much the beginning, so I get to play Hikaru as the 'Go is Boring, I don't want to play this, get out of my head you stupid ghost!' We still have to figure out how to work Sai, but we'll see what we can do! ^_^;;; Gosh, I'm too hyper. I'm going to end up falling over at about 3pm and dying for a few hours (I'll wake up though, don't worry, death can not touch me! I am immortal!).

Curious. Is my sis coming home this weekend? Sis?

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