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After that 95% I got too cocky! Media test #2 scores are in, and I got a 79%. @_@ Yeah, yeah, the class average appears to be 63%, so I still did pretty good by comparison, but ouch. No more getting cocky. Must study more next time. Bad Pam!

Man, I can't wait til I get home. Must get home now. Damnit. I still have English! Waaaaaaaaaaah.

Damn, for someone who got like no sleep, just found out she high-Ced her last test, I sure am hyper. o.o

Then again, last time she posted the results (our Media Professor) she forgot to post the results out of 100, and instead posted the raw scores. There were only 85 questions, so if I got a 79 out of 85, I did good, if I got a 79 out of 100 though... not as good. So, we'll see on Tuesday. o_o; I'll check blackboard again to see if she corrects anything. ^_^

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