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New Icons, Mangas and Snoozage.

z_z Added a couple new icons. Tried to get a bigger variety of stuff on these.

I had gone to bed, but as I laid there I realized with a big freaking DOH! that I had forgotten to do my math homework, so I quickly did it as quickly as possible. Took me about 40 minutes. z_z It wasn't that hard. Anyway, I came back to the computer to check on my multiple downloads and then check LJ, and then decided I needed to switch my icons. I'm almost done with different icon sets (I got a Kaga one nearly done, a Waya one nearly done, a Mitani one nearly done, a Sai set done and almost three Hikaru sets done @_@). Needless to say, I'll have plenty of icons for a while. I still need to snip up Akari, Akira and Tsutsui icons too. o_o; And I might do Touya-majin and Isumi-kun. (I'm really starting to like Isumi-kun *_*)

And also, I've been reading a /lot/ of scantranslations lately. @_@ Finished all of Card Captor Sakura already (really did like the anime better too) and finished all that I can find of Hikaru no Go and Naruto. I've started Shaman King recently, and am going to start Hunter x Hunter, Panima, Ryuuroden, and DNA^2 soonish. I'm currently downloading Minto na Bokura, Marmalade Boy, Love Hina, and Video Girl Ai. I might get to read the Marmalade Boy Manga before I even start the anime! Wacky, huh?

Anyway, it's getting really late, and if I don't want to have to nap when I get home, I better crash (though the 3 hour splat onto my bed nap that I took this afternoon might help prevent that, I even went to bed early the night before!).

Nini. z_z

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