TC (thunderchild) wrote,

Well, bah, I have nothing to do. Go figure. @_@

I'm going to leave the lab in about twenty and try to call my mother and see if she can pick me up for an hour between 1 and 2 and take me to lunch. I'm kinda hungry, and we haven't gone to lunch that much.

I'd usually have til three (which is why I usually go home for an hour and a half before jetting back to my media lab), but I'm meeting my cable group /again/ at 2, so I only have til 2. At least the cable group thing is almost done. I really wish I would have had a better idea to supply so we could have done something a little more exciting than an old people channel. u_u Unfortunately they didn't know anything about anime, so I couldn't talk them into /that/. I wish I'd come up with my Christmas All Year Round channel idea a little earlier. That would have been so adorable to do. @_@

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