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The saddest thing you'll ever hear about... someone with a brand new, state of the art computer who will use it like one hour a day to download email and maybe respond, when you use yours 24/7 (even leave it on to download during the night) and yours is almost 4 years old, and doesn't have a 20th of the speed or 10th harddrive space of theirs.

Overall though, it was a pretty good day. Family time. The weirdest thing happened though. My grandfather (who years ago called me worthless to my mother's face and pretty much alienated us for years) out of the blue said I looked like the happiest young woman in the world. And while I was surprised, I couldn't argue. I am in a pretty good time of my life right now. But I wouldn't say I'm completely happy. Just I have no big to-do going on. Unless you count coming home to find my computer throwing out blue screens. x.x; That was an unhappy moment, you can be sure.
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