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Hinoto's demanding. z.z;

I've just been up all night (yeah, yeah, I realize you can read this sis) making a music video. I just couldn't go to sleep until it was done. Hinoto can be one demanding woman. z_z; As you might guess from that, it's a X TV vid, centered somewhat around Hinoto. It's actually entered around the death in the series, sort of from Hinoto's point of view. It's to Sarah Brightman's version of Dust in the Wind. It's rather slow, not too long (only 3:34) but it uses a lot of cool footage (I think). And of course, it has a section featuring kekkai (I'm a kekkai freak). Only problem, I don't know what to call it yet. x.x; I'm thinking of calling it 'Nothing Lasts Forever' since it focuses so heavily on all the death and angst. n.n;

The only oddity, when I went in I was expecting more shots of Saiki (I mean, hello, WIND) but I only used three. It was kinda weird. n.n;;

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