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Whole Slew of Weird Dreams

I had a whole slew of weird dreams last night. About five of them. None of them ones I had before. One was a Buffy related dream, where Buffy, Willow, Tara and Anya went out fora girl's night and some bad stuff happened and Anya died. And Willow had to go tell Xander. It was awful. That one happened about 5 in the morning, cause I woke up and remember the clock was at almost 6am.

Right after that (Between 6 and 7) I had a short dream that my mother melted. That was so creepy. I woke up from that one freaked. (And it was 7-something).

Then I had a couple more that are blurry, and the last one was about me and my sis and this really cute guy that's a figment of my imagination. Anyway... it was a bunch of freaky dreams. Especially my mother melting. (And not just a skin colored wax statuelike melting. Blood and muscles too. It was gross.)

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