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My Top Four -

6 - Sixes are defined by anxiety. They are gifted in their ability to see the dark and light sides of the world (and of people and situations around them). This insight into possible outcomes makes them masterful planners. However since they are never sure what will prevail they are always on edge and cling to predictable structures/systems for peace of mind.

2 - Twos are defined by their empathy of other people. They are uniquely gifted at tuning in on the feelings of others. This makes them great networkers. They feed on their connection to others, love of friends and family. However being too caught up with other people can drain them, and cause them to lose track of their own personal well being.

1 - Ones are idealistic perfectionists. They live with an overbearing internal critic that never rests. They want things to be perfect based on what they think perfect is (which can be good or bad). They see other people as slackers, and other people can see them as goodie goodies, zealots, or uptight.

4 - Fours are all about being unique and creating their own distinct culture. They experience the highs and lows of life more intensely than other types. This makes them great creative forces (artists, writers, filmmakers). Fours often feel like misplaced children, and they long for a sense of real family.

These top four were actually really close. A 21, a 19, an 18 and a 17.

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