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Dream 6/12/2001

Was a young girl, probaly 15-16. I had some authority, or at least people were trying to protect me. I was running away for some reason. There was a slightly older woman with me, probably a maid or something. We were riding on rather scruffy horses through a country side ridded with mountains and lots of grass and hilly regions. Not a lot of trees in this area.

We got caught up on by a small legion of guards (about 50 men). Men on horseback with pikes and swords and shields. Wearing red and black. And engraved on the shield was some kind of bird. Anyway, the leader approached me and I told him that I wasn't going back, and he couldn't stop me. And he explained he had orders and if he didn't bring me back he wouldn't be allowed to keep his position.

I told him to get off his horse and trade with me (he was on a beautiful black horse, big and strong looking). He said no. So I turned to one of his under officers (on a white horse) and told him to get off his horse. He did get off. Once I dismounted to get on my new horse, we all heard the approach of men on horseback. Twenty of the men immediately set up a shield circle, with me and my maid at the middle, lead by the leader of the guard, while the other thirty went to fight the small army approaching. Battle insued.

Some time must have passed, because it moved from still light evening to darkness rather quickly. There were a lot of men down on both sides, including some of the ones guarding me (got by arrows). The weird part was the sky. The moon was full, but it was dull. Like the sunlight hitting it was half blocked, or impure. It looked... gray instead of silver white. The stars seemed much brighter in comparison than they normally would on the night of the full moon. Anyway, eventually the men guarding me won the conflict and captured about ten of the soliders attacking us, including the leader.

The captian of the guard turned to me and said that this was a sign that I needed to return immediately. And I said in response (though I'm unsure why it was so), "No. It shows I need to leave immediately." He didn't argue again, and he asked what to do with the prisoners. (Creepy part for me here.) I told him to kill them and leave the leader alive as a prisoner. They did (speared them all). When that was done, I turned to the captian again, and asked if he would join me. He'd said he couldn't go back empty handed, so the least he could do is make sure I could return sometime in the future. He agreed. And of course, that's where the dream ended. Damnit.

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