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This post was originally made elsewhere, but I deleted it for various reasons and am putting it here instead. It has also been slightly altered.

You know what? I have never, ever, publicly taken a side in 'this' argument. I have never wanted to. I tried to remain friends with everyone, though, yeah, I didn't talk much with a certain party included. But then we didn't talk much before this happened either, so no big change there. Just the other day I even asked someone for her email address because I wanted to see if she'd been able to get new episodes of some of the animes that we've talked about the few times that we've seen each other in the last few months.

I've had problems with amurderofcrows before. Heck, when we first met each other and we were just starting to be friends, she hurt me in a way I had still not completely forgiven her (or the other people involved) for. Until you and most of the staff at Wagakuni did the same thing to her. She knows what it is, and I've since given her the idea of how much it hurt me, so I don't think she'll be too surprised by this.

When that happened, I could finally forgive her, because I saw the pain that she went through finding out about it, and I knew that we weren't so different afterall. The only real difference is that I have never been vocal enough to have really said anything about it when it happened. I had no one to bitch to, and just buried it up inside my soul fo years until finally I found the ability to tell a few people what had happened, and how much I had been hurt by it.

There is nothing wrong with venting about problems and miseries. That's what Livejournals are for. Going out of your way to spy on someone else is not only petty and cheap, but it's also cruel and hurtful when you decide to rub it in their face. If you have to do something like that, then don't tell the person that you're doing it! You're the one doing these things. Now, you've never been mean to me to my face (until now) and that is why I never took sides. I do have a good idea that you never cared for me much though (and now I'm sure of it).

I'm sorry that you had to jump into this again, if you ever really did give it up as you have said. The way I see it, get rid of it again. You fell off the 'Bitch About Mandy' wagon and you better hop back on while you still have some people out there with a margin of respect for you.

Most people on here know what this is about. Those who don't, sorry.

Those who are trying not to take sides, I am deeply sorry if this upsets you. I am sorry that you have to be pulled into this pain again.

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