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Background: When I was a freshman in high school, I had an amazing English I teacher who didn't like me at first. She even accused me of plagerism once. But during the last half of the school year we got our huge assignment, which was worth half of our grade for that semester. It was called the I-Search paper. We had to pick a topic that somehow effected our life and write a detailed seven page research paper, including two interviews and multiple citations. I couldn't think of anything to write. Finally, I raised my hand and asked if we could write one /anything/ and she replied, yes, as long as it had an impact on our life. The next class, I proposed that I would write my I-Search paper on vampires, because I was currently writing a book on the subject, and would like to know more information on the myths and use in culture.

So I wrote the paper. It was 14 pages, instead of 7, and I got 100% on it. She even asked me for an extra copy so she could keep it.

Two years later when my freshman friends (Crystal and Anna) were taking her for English, they mentioned that they saw my paper as an example. I was shocked and surprised and also rather joyful.

Present: My English Teacher is now at my University. I had ran into her at Pummel a few weeks ago, but not again. Until today. I wasn't sure if she actually remembered me, but today, that was answered. She paused in the hall to talk to me and said stuff like, "You know, I still think about your paper. You're such a good writer. It was such a change from what I usually have to read. I still have it somewhere."

Now you see why I'm blushing? n.n;

Now, gotta go back to school in about 20. Mou. x.x

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