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Had a very long math class. My entire class is a bunch of putzs. No one 'cept me and the girl who sits next to me got their assignment done right. >_< Most didn't get it done at all. So she extended the deadline to Friday. I stayed up to 3 doing that freaking assignment!!!!! >_< What a load of shit. ;.;

Plus, since everyone else ('cept me) had major problems with it, what did she do? She assigned more!! MORE!! ARG. >_< Why can't she do it on a case by case basis. ;o;

Anyway, I missed my shuttle by about 30 seconds cause she spent 3 minutes past class time trying to explain the homework to everyone else. I was so bored. x.x My class is a bunch of morons. Anyway, since I missed the shuttle I decided to hike to Glass and see what the time difference between the shuttle and walking happens to be. The shuttle arrived at Glass just as I was passing the fountains in front of Temple, and I counted the time it took me to reach the drop off point. 54 seconds. And seeing as I missed the shuttle by 30, there's about half a minute difference between taking the shuttle and walking. Now, this isn't a given, because it may take longer on the shuttle if he gets bad lights, ect. So... n.n

Anyway, got to Glass, and the lab was full! >_< I had stuff I wanted to do, so I vultured around the entrance and waited for someone to leave. And I got the best computer in the whole place. *.* Right in the corner, surrounded almost entirely by walls. It's the most private computer in the entire school. Weee!

Okay, I done. Going to work on what I wanted to work on. Which, btw, was writing up personality profiles for the pending characters that I want to app. Might as well get them done now, and since I refuse to do school work at school... n.-

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