TC (thunderchild) wrote,

You know what...

I'm bad. I'm thinking of submiting a couple music videos to cons I'm not even planning to go to. (Do they accept it if you're not gonna be there?)

None of them say you /have/ to go, but... I dunno. I think I'd like to be there to see people watch my vids. I love seeing reactions and all, but... aw well. I do want more people to see my vids, so maybe I should just be happy if they accept and show one of them.

We'll see. I've looked at a few that accept Digital submissions on CD-Rs, so I could go with that since the VCR thing did not work out.

The videos I'm considering sending are:

Who Can Say (Tenshi ni Narumon)
Without You (Ayashi no Ceres)
Angels Deserve To Die (X OVA & TV)
Enemy, Lover, Ruin (X OVA & TV) with a couple edits
Apprentice, Disciple (Hikaru No Go) with one edit
something is real (Fruits Basket)
Infinite Defiance (Mugen no Ryvius)
All That Our Love Can Be (CCS)

I'll narrow it down to a few later (obviously), if I decide to submit, but we'll see.

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