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More idle chatter: Missing People. ;.;

I miss tenshiko. Need someone to talk to about guys, Fruits Basket, Hikaru no Go, KKJ... need my Tenshiko-sama! Q.Q Wish she didn't have to school so much. School take Tenshiko away too often. ;_;

I miss amiboshi. Want to finish scene with Draco. Q.Q Want to pester her about a bunch of stuff. Wish she didn't have so many jobs! *whimper* I even miss Trowa! Want to RP Dorothy again. Heck, even want to get teased for liking CCS.

I miss michiko. Kinda wish old times could come back and be lived again, but know they can't. Just glad that she's managing to get some things in her life together, and I hope she continues to, but still! Miss her.

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