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Warning: Wordy

Yeah, yeah, I know, I was so silent for months and now all of a sudden I'm posting like there's no tomorrow. Well, you never know, there might be no tomorrow. Either way, I'm still at school, sitting in the Pummel English computer lab. It was so full earlier, but it's thinned out now. I don't feel so guilty logging on and doing things that are supposed to be illegal on these labs when there are at least a few other computers open.

Posting to any kind of site is generally considered bad form, but hey, this is the English lab and this is a writing journal, so it's sort of approp! Right?

Anyway, I got a lot of work to do the next few nights. I have to get a majority of our cable project presentation done while my mom is gone visiting calmofthestorm because that's the best opportunity I'll have to set up the VCR to my computer without feeling as if it's going to get in the way.


You know what? I've decided another revelation. I really like cheese. End comment.


And get this, I'm writing a joke that I told over my summer trips up for my English paper. It's supposed to be a short half page assignment, and we have to submit it to Readers Digest. It's supposed to be one of those little paragraph jokes that they print at random sections throughout the magazine.

I'm going to write a retelling of the Chuck's Chicken Cooking Night. chirikoboshi and michiko already know the story, but for my other friend's sake, here's the short.

Chuck cooked dinner for us. Cour liked it so much that he got down on his knees and started to prostrait himself on the floor saying, "You are my God!"

Chuck said, "Finally, someone puts me in my place."

And being me, I glanced up and immediately said, "In the kitchen?"

I got glared at, but it was so cool. n.n; They even posted it on the IRL Quotes at Heroes.

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