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What a day!

I've had a day.

Logging on from the Cheek computer lab, where I've only logged in once before. Today is crowded and there's people standing around waiting for computers so I'm not going to stay on very long. I just wanted to post because I went to two other computer labs looking and looking until I finally got a seat in this one. It's hecktic, but I suppose it's the midterm frenzy. Everyone's trying to get their work done as quickly as possible and computers are a strong resourse to do that with.

One comment I want to make before I head out (if I do, I might stay), I have recently come to the conclusion that I really really like Card Captor Sakura (Not a word, amiboshi ._.). I've gotten through the first 20 episodes, and I can't stop, I've been downloading the episodes like crazy in an attempt to get as many as possible so I can watch as much as I can in one sitting. I've come to the conclusion that Li/Lee/Shaolan is just this really cool guy. Him and Sakura so need to get together. *waves her flag frantically* I'm kinda doubtful that anything'll really happen though, I mean, they're only, what? 10? Not that that stopped me from waving my Seiya/Ririka flag like I was on crack. x.@ (Nurse Angel Ririka -- yes, I like Magical Girl stuff, so sue)

Sigh. I'm sad and pathetic...

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