TC (thunderchild) wrote,

Feeling better, so this is for chirikoboshi

1. What is your name?
Pamela Eaton

2. What colour pants are you wearing right now?
I'm not wearing any.

3. What are you listening to right now?
Remy Zero, Twister

4. What are the last four digits of your phone number, mobile or home?

5. What was the last thing you ate?
Spagetti. *.*

6. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?

8. How is the weather right now?
In my room? Hot. x.x; Must.. turn.. on.. fan. Outside, cool.

9. Last person you talked to on the phone?
Um.............. *think* Oh! Sister! calmofthestorm

10. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?

11. Do you like the person that sent you this?
Ayup. o_o

12. How are you today?
Much better! *_* And very genki!

13. Your favourite drink?
Dr. Pepper!!

14. Your favourite alcoholic drink?
None of the above.

15. How do you eat an Aero?
Huh? Through the mouth? o.o

16. Favourite sport, to watch.
Anything rythmatic, like dancing, skating, ice-dancing, ect. I like music and corography.

17. What's the next CD you're going to get?
Notta clue. I don't buy CDs often.

18. Hair colour?

9. Eye Colour?

20. Do you wear contacts?
Not often.

21. Siblings and their ages?
Melissa, 23.

22. Favourite month?

23. Favourite food?

24. Last movie you watched -
Um... Tin Cup. (Don't laugh! Q.Q)

25. Favourite day of the year?
April 1st

26. Are you too shy to ask someone out?
Uh-huh. Too shy to even admit liking someone unless they admit it first. c_c;

27. Do you like scary or happy movies better?
I like movies. Movies nice. Scary scary. But scary okay too.

28. Summer or Winter?

29. Hugs or Kisses?

30. Relationship or one night stand?

31. Chocolate or vanilla?

32. Do you want your friends to write back?
o_o; Only if they want to.

33. Who is least likely to respond?
chirikoboshi, cause I'm responding to his.

34. Who is most likely to respond?
Um... Uh... Uh... I pass?

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