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Logging on from the Pummel English Computer lab right now. It's not as comfy as the Glass lab, but I don't feel like putting up the effort of even getting on the shuttle. In fact, I wanna go home. x.x;;; I'm so sick. My throat feels like it's on fire. I feel like I'm gonna pass out every ten or so minutes. I'm still drinking like I'm in a desert.

Mom offered to let me stay home.

I probably should have taken it, but I've never missed a day of university so far, why start now? Especially when I have two assignments due and a group meeting for my cable project.

I'm considering meeting my cable group for all of ten minutes, see if they have anything to give me, then go home for an hour and promptly die before Media lab at 3. We'll see... I may manage to survive until class finishes at 4...

Gods, I hope I feel better before tomorrow. I have dentist. I really don't want the guy sealing my molars while my throat is swollen and I'm coughing every few minutes. x.x

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