TC (thunderchild) wrote,

Fandom moment

Wow. It's been a while since I last posted. And the reason behind this post is kinda silly and fandom oriented to boot. And sadly a fandom I'm not sure many people follow anymore. Pity. XD

Anyway... Buffy. If you hadn't heard already Joss Whedon is writing "Season 8" comic book series. Do not click the following clicky thing if you don't want minor spoilage on a certain interesting factoid that popped up that I wonder if people have caught yet. Maybe I should troll a fandom community and see if I'm the only one...

Okay... so... Dawn. Apparently she's going to be heading to Berkley soon. Well, in the last season on Angel we found out Connor's going to Stanford. ...which is an hour's drive away from Berkley. ... Joss confirmed that many other characters will make appearances in the comic, nothing on Connor, though. Now, I'm very much against any possibility of a Dawn/Connor pairing (cause that's just... no) but I am very for the idea of him possibly showing up in the comic. That'd be awesome. ... but please don't pair him with Dawn.

Of course this Buffy/Angel (the series, not the pairing) moment reminds me of something else... I really need to catch bastardized and tenshiko sometime. I miss them. D:
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