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Okay... right...

Posted on 2007.01.31 at 11:02
I totally meant to post and say I got cable back. Really I did. But I kinda got caught up with having cable back and forgot to do so. Uh... heehee. Well. Most people who read this know I'm back by now. I still didn't get around to transcribing my voice posts. Oh well. It isn't like it matters much now! They were mostly just me rambling about how I didn't have power (then later how I didn't have cable).

Classes are kicking my ass already, mainly cause all three of my classes saw fit to assign a multitude of reading. Ouch-ness.

Speaking of reading, I should probably get to some of it... I still have an article to read for my 1pm class. And a crap load to read for my 6pm evening class. Though I doubt I'll get around to reading those. Mainly because... I'm tired and want a nap. And even if I didn't nap, I'd probably still not do my readings cause I promised someone on TIG I would attempt to RP either this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon. At this time, tomorrow looks more likely. ...sleepy. I didn't get much sleep last night.

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