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Dishing Out The Love

Inspired by amurderofcrows who was inspiried by luckykitty.

My list will be smaller, because I don't have a lot of friends.


I love you for being a person who can inspire me to just be myself. You always seem to say something that lifts my spirits, especially when they need lifting, and you pay attention when you have little reason to care. You probably don't even know how much I look forward to seeing you log on sometimes, just because even when you aren't trying to, you say something that cheers me up. You can be an arrogant bastard and be proud of it, and you're one of the only people I can be entirely honest to. You make me want to meet people from online again and you inspire me to try to be a better person and a better friend. For inspiring me to read Harry Potter. And of course, for kickass scenes with Draco and Trowa. And even Tomite, though there were fewer of them. You let me use your WinMX account to get and share anime, something for which I am entirely in your debt for. And you asked me to make a ass-kicking Kamui video, that turned into one of my best ever. And you share it with your friends too. *n.n*


You were a wonderful Shuro, even if I only got one scene with you as her. And you are an equally wonderful Harry. I'm looking forward to the opening of Priori and I'm glad that you inspired me to try to delve deeper into a character that most people hate and dispise. You posted the 'friendtest' and even though I guessed and almost everything, I got an 85% and was quite happy about it. You always lend an ear (or more accuratly, an eye), for which I am entirely grateful.


Though we are almost nothing alike, I feel a kinship with you that I can't even explain in words. You're better with words than I'll ever be anyway. You are my removed twin, a birthday brother of sorts and I quite often enjoy listening to your intelligent rants. Your Urumiya was amazing, and I was glad that you liked my Takiko, when I was afraid that there was no way I could match the brillance of your poses. You helped me grow as an individule, in ways you probably don't even know about and you fueled my desire to read Harry Potter by helping me gain access to the books. You supported my desire to create music videos, and have watched them even when you didn't have a lot of bandwidth and had no real interest in the series itself.


My sister by blood; my friend by choice. I love and treasure you more than anyone else in the world. Though you annoy the hell out of me sometimes. You've always been my closest friend, and even when you moved off to school I still enjoy the moments that you would spend at home. You recorded Buffy for me during the WB-blackout in Springfield and you even watch them with me. You introduced me to so many aspects of my life, directly or indirectly and you make me want to try to be someone in this world other than myself. You made me go to school, which I don't really like, but am greatful for. You make me cry, you make me laugh and you make me love. You're my sister, my friend and often my scapegoat.


If you don't know why I love you, than you are a silly, silly young man! You bring out the protective side of me more than anyone I've ever met, and you induldge my doubts and my fears and even my obsessions. You're a dreamer and your gifts are plentiful. You always listen and speak and shower with words and attention, even when you're doing a hundred other things at once. And most importantly, you care about me and forgave me for not telling you I was a chick earlier. There's more, but not all of it can be listed here.


We've never been exactly close, and I realize that. You were always nice to me though, even if you had no reason to be and you didn't mind the fact that I was a 'fence sitter' for so long.


Though I wish we were closer, I do like what we have done together and love you for it. You seem to doubt my affections lately, so do not worry. They are there, even if I don't express them very well. You're affectionate and sympathetic, though you need to stop being so hard on yourself.


You're an interesting enough person that I want to have the chance to get to know you better at a later date! And you have the most amazing set of Rogue icons. *_*


Milliadro-sama! *_* I still remember your reaction when I told qara_isuke to tell you that Dorothy was played by the Otterpop. That made my day in more ways that I can ever explain. I enjoyed every scene that I got with you and would love to get more. You're an amazing person who was just as much fun to talk with OOCly as you are to RP with.


You opened my eyes to many things about the world and myself. You're responsible for a lot of the changes that have taken place in my life lately where online life is involved. You gave me so many wonderful scenes with Tasuki and Neelkan and Iro and Val and even Zephi. You induldged my obsessions with anime, even to the point of apping Relena. I thank you for all of these things, and I respect your desire to have a life outside of the computer.


Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne!!! Those three words could sum up a lot of the love I have for you. Though they are no where near the only. n.n I love that you're a good friend to amiboshi and you spoke up for me, a person that you barely know and have had little interaction with. For some reason it's more remarkable to me when people who barely know me speak up for me, than it is when people who I've known for years do.


You're the reason I fell in love with the online world again. When I apped Dorothy on Omocha, I was starting to get into a rut, as happens. Dorothy revived a lot of my desires to RP. I never would have apped her if I hadn't been randomly fingering people one day and ran into your URL in Quatre's finger file. I travelled to the webpage and read over some logs and suddenly thought, 'you know, I could play there.' You put up with my fangirl tendancies, and offered up some amazing RP. Also, my icons are all thanks to you. I never would have fallen so in love with Dorothy if I hadn't played her. I miss the RP that we got, but I'm glad that I get to speak to you nearly every day at least.


You're an infectious person. You've got amazing charisma and can be a wonderful leader when you allow yourself to be. You offer a dose of realism in an unreal world, and you affect people on a higher level than I doubt you even realize. You listen and you speak and you're unafraid to speak your mind about things that upset you. It's an aspect I don't have and am trying to get better at. You gave me a bastion of amazing RP, and even though you had no reason at all to like me originally on MXT, you gave my TP a chance, and came out with a different perception of me because of it. The way that people perceve me can be very important, and I'm glad that at least I was able to change opinions about me where you were concerned.


You understood me beyond my tantrums and you loved me beyond my selfish moods. You loved my RP, and weren't afraid to say so and mean it. Like amurderofcrows you had an opinion change where I was concerned, and you gave my TP a chance, when you didn't have much reason to. You were a fellow African Country and you introduced me to the world of Anime Roleplay! We have similar mental structures and can fall in love with a lot of the same things (though I still like Yuki more! c_c). You encouraged my Music video creations and you opened my soul to playing men. Something I never did before Tasuki, and I know that the RP I got with him in those first days were highly pivotal to my continued attempts.

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