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New Icons

This set is for Dorothy Catalonia of Gundam Wing. Reasons for putting this set up are as follows...

a) love the character.
b) loved RPing the character.
c) she's kinda cool looking, I don't care what anyone else thinks of her eyebrows! >_<

Going back to bed now. z_z Well, after some random Dorothy quotes, plucked from RP logs:

"In their own way, people do change. The changes are sometimes so small no one would notice, but they are there. I was merely saying that a majority of people tend to dislike change, finding comfort in familarity."

"Kindness is nothing but a weakness. The only thing that ends up happening to kind hearts is they get shattered and destroyed, sweeped away into oblivion."

"Hatred isn't the only emotion that breeds destruction. Jealousy, pride, desires and more. All aspects of humanity that can not be ignored, as they are in far too plentiful to go unnoticed."

"Yes, well, how is one supposed to see other people without a template that they are familar with to go on? I don't judge solely based on myself, but I have a few people in mind when I do, and once I have the person in a position, I normally observe for things that alter from my perseption of that person."

"There is a loaded weapon in your hand, though as I said when you drew it, I do not think you would be willing to blow your cover by shooting me in your own dorm room of a large Academy. Whatever purpose it is that you boys are here for, I do not think that that will further your objectives. Publicity is never what one wants when they're trying to work in secret. Though, should you consider me a threat in the future, I would expect nothing less than your best efforts in fighting me. No warriors wants to die fighting someone who is holding back, ne?"

"The day that my heart began to beat was the day I was destined to die. Tomorrow, today, ten years from now, twenty, a hundred... the date is unknown, but it was inevitable the day blood began to beat through my body. The same is true for you."

... I loved Dorothy *_*

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