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Weird Dream

I had this incredbily weird dream last night, and I have to tell someone about it. When I logged on, I wanted to tell Michiko about it, but she wasn't on, so I'll vent it here. Anyway, here it goes.

I was a guy in this dream (That happens a lot), and it seemed to take place in anicent times, on a castle near an ocean looking over cliffs that dropped straight into the seas. I was the leader of this group of people who got caught trying to smuggle information out of the castle for this rival leader. When we were caught we got questioned and tortured, and one of our members (the only female one; who I'm sure was nobility -- and I think that she was from the land we were breaking into) got removed from our ranks and taken elsewhere.

The rest of my group was comprised of about a dozen men. Three of which stand out in my mind. One was a professor/author type guy, rather old, probably in his 50s. He was with us on an information basis only, obviouly not a fighter. The second was another older man, probably 50s as well, and he had a broken leg. I think he was with us because he had knowledge of the castle. The third was my dream persona's best friend. Young guy, shortish brown hair, blue eyes, probably about 20 (which is how old my persona was). Good looking, though at the time I didn't really think so (I was a guy).

Anyway, we were all sentanced to die, and they pretty much planned to just dump us half consious off one of the towers of the castle into the ocean. I wasn't half consious though, and I yelled out some last minute instructions on how to survive this before we were dropped probably well over 500 feet into the ocean. The survival depended mostly on grabbing onto trees and riding the tide-waves down to the lower areas. Once we were to the water, I teamed up with my buddy and lead the way towards some catacombs that were submerged in the tides. When we managed to find out way to air, we got out and found that the writer and the bumb leg guy had also made it, along with another older man who had no characteristics that really stood out.

I told them all to wait there and I swam back looking for my remaining men. I was spotted and shot at (by some old style rifle) but got away and managed to get back to the catacombs. I assumed that the remainder of the men had died. The four survivors and myself met up down there and that's when I noticed something. Five survivors. Three of whom were rather old. The oldest members of my team. One who had a bum leg and required a crutch. And then the most important thing. That they weren't nearly as soaked as me and my buddy.

Anyway, I got pissed, punched the professor type guy and yelled at him for selling us out. Turns out he sold us out for permission to write a book on the incident, promising to give them the revenue. A BOOK! And the worst part is, he'd already started it. He showed me the beginning draft (mainly just placement of chapters and such) and I immediately tossed it into the ocean and punched him again. Then, of course, I woke up. Grrrr. Bad sister. >.<

I really wanted to know if me and my buddy managed to escape and rescue the girl.

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