TC (thunderchild) wrote,


I had this weird dream that I was in a huge building that had multiple floors, and for some reason my sister was crawling around in the pipes trying to tell me things. She told me to meet her down in the lobby, so I find an elevator and get in, and a couple people hop in with me. One of them is all, "Is this the East side of the building?" She obviously wanted to get out on the East side, but had gotten turned around, because the elevator was on the West side.

When the elevator started to move, that's when the weird part happened. It was like we were outside the building flying around. The scenery was amazingly, and everyone was staring as if they'd never seen this happen before. I hadn't, because this was a dream and the first time I'd been on the elevetor, so I didn't know if this is what usually happened. Anyway, I said to them, "I bet it's just a video projector or something. I mean do you really think they'd risk some huge system to let us fly around /outside/ the building?"

Once we 'landed' I somehow got a panel open and reached down and outside and grabbed a handful of gravel and rocks before we were pulled back into the building. As the elevator settled into the building, the rocks and gravel disolved into dust in my fingers. "See? Told you."

Weird, huh?

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