TC (thunderchild) wrote,

My Turk.

I originally got Rude, but... no. Changed two answers (that I was iffy on anyway) and got Reeve. Much better.

i can't make you trust me...
poor you. all you want to do is keep the people happy, but those meanies heidegger and scarlet keep bossing you around. you're technically one of the main characters, but you don't even get a nice big fullsized colour picture like the turks do. not even an FMV! so what do you do? you make a great big eletronic cat which rides around on a moogle who acts as a double agent. um...yes. whatever floats your boat.

check ME out, i'm reeve!
because talking cats are cool.
Hey, I want to take the Shin-Ra-ite test too, made by purplette!
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